What is the “Provo Bubble”?

I’m fairly new to Provo and I’ve talked to several people who have used the term “Provo Bubble”, but I am clueless to what that even is. No doubt Provo is different than the places I’ve been to and it seems like this is a term to describe how opposite it is from everywhere else.

Active User Asked on September 29, 2016
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I think the “bubble” reference has to do with the high Mormon population, combined with Mormon-owned BYU which has the stereotype of┬áhaving a student-base sheltered from the realities of the “real world”. Simply put, the “bubble” is a stereotype placed on Provo.

Family is a huge theme in the LDS church which means you find generations of families all within the same area. More people are “born and raised” in Provo compared to a place like New York City. With many of these families being LDS, who live strict moral┬álifestyles, it’s easy to assume there is a “bubble” effect in Provo full of people who have never lived outside of Utah and living in complete ignorance. But then again, ignorance is bliss.

Active User Answered on September 29, 2016.
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