Is this evidence that Gordon Hayward is staying in Utah?

So I was going through my inbox and saw this invite from the GameTyrant Expo happening in Salt Lake City September 29th – October 1st. Here is the interesting part:

Gordon Hayward has committed to be in attendance.

Is this evidence that Gordon Hayward is staying in Utah?

Think about it, if Gordon were to ditch Utah, would he really want to come back to SLC and play video games in the very arena he played in around the people that he ditched?

Call me crazy, but this might be a sign Gordon is here to stay. Thoughts?

Active User Asked on June 29, 2017
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I wouldn’t put a bunch of stock into it. This was announced on May 10th and they likely were in discussions with Gordon’s agent long before that. So either he leaves Utah and shows up anyway (which is likely) or he simply backs out after announcing he’s leaving Utah.

Having said that, obviously he and his agents have been aware of his player option and I’m sure the thought crossed their minds that Gordon may not be in Utah in September. This does put a little doubt into my mind and makes me think this could be a slip of information that they figured nobody would pick up on. Perhaps I’m just telling myself this because I really want Gordon to stay 🙂 #Stayward

Active User Answered on June 29, 2017.
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