Does Utah football have a mental hold on BYU?

The Utes recently just went 6-0 over the Cougars. Yes, 5 of those 6 games were determined by a touchdown or less, so they are still both pretty even teams. Having said that, being 0-6 against a rival you absolutely hate has got to be hard.

I’m convinced the last two meetups BYU had the better team, hands down. Yet they can’t seem to beat Utah. Do you think there is a mental issue that BYU is dealing with? Does it come down to fear/confidence getting in the way?

Active User Asked on September 27, 2016
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It is crazy that BYU hasn’t been able to pull out a win. Utah left the MWC in 2010, right when the streak started. But it’s like you said, they’re not really blowing BYU out of the water even though they’re a Pac-12 team. They’re just about as good as they were in the MWC days. Heck, they were better in the MWC days, under current rules they would have been in the 4-team playoff in 2009. The games just have a different feel now. There isn’t a championship on the line every time they play and that totally affects the mentality of the rivalry.

Active User Answered on October 7, 2016.
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