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  • Active User Asked on May 25, 2017 in No Category.

    Yes, John Curtis is registered as a Republican. He will also likely run as a Republican for the 3rd Congressional District seat (currently held by Jason Chaffetz). He also did not vote for Donald Trump.

    He was previously registered as a Democrat, but eventually changed his party. During his time as a Democrat, he described himself as a “conservative Democrat”:

    “Like Ronald Reagan and Jason Chaffetz, I was a conservative Democrat.” Curtis added, “In 2006, after being encouraged by my Republican friends and leaders, I switched back and re-registered as a Republican. Since that time I served as a member of the Elephant Club, been elected as a delegate in my precinct, and donated to Republican campaigns.” (source)

    John Curtis is definitely down the middle when it comes to politics. He’s not a strong conservative but also wouldn’t be considered liberal. Local politics (such as Mayor of Provo) is more of a popularity contest than it is actual politics. His approval ratings are through the rood because he’s really good at pleasing the people, even if it means inflating taxes and budgets behind the scenes. As Mayor you also do not run on a party platform. With him (potentially) being in the national spotlight with this new seat, for the first time John Curtis’s true politics will be forced to become public.

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  • Active User Asked on December 28, 2016 in No Category.

    I understand the need to moderate and filter out trolls, but I don’t see this sticking. The city has gone from platform to platform in the past and can’t seem to stick to one.

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  • Active User Asked on December 28, 2016 in No Category.

    The most notable chef in Provo is probably Chad Pritchard. He’s probably most known for Oregano. His latest venture is Fat Daddy’s Pizza.

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  • Active User Asked on September 29, 2016 in Question.

    I think the “bubble” reference has to do with the high Mormon population, combined with Mormon-owned BYU which has the stereotype of having a student-base sheltered from the realities of the “real world”. Simply put, the “bubble” is a stereotype placed on Provo.

    Family is a huge theme in the LDS church which means you find generations of families all within the same area. More people are “born and raised” in Provo compared to a place like New York City. With many of these families being LDS, who live strict moral lifestyles, it’s easy to assume there is a “bubble” effect in Provo full of people who have never lived outside of Utah and living in complete ignorance. But then again, ignorance is bliss.

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