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  • Active User Asked on July 7, 2017 in No Category.
    Michelle G. Kaufusi
    Kevin Wing
    Eric Speckhard
    Sherrie Hall Everett
    Howard Stone
    John Fenley
    Larry Walters
    Odell Miner
    Elliot G. Craig

    Here’s a link to the list on voteprovo.com

    The Daily Herald list of candidates does not include Elliot G. Craig. I’m not sure why, it looks like he filed the financial disclosure. Maybe this is a new Questovo Question? 🙂


    I’d also recommend joining the Facebook Groups “Our Provo” and “Provo Forward” if you’re looking for chatter about the candidates. Keep in mind both groups have clear biases while claiming no biases….the users are all typical political types. Still has some good info though


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  • Active User Asked on June 29, 2017 in No Category.

    I think the author is obviously being a little extreme, maybe on purpose, to prove a point. But If you can overlook that, he has some points worth thinking about.

    If you read this with the mindset of “he wants to get rid of the library!!??”, then yeah, you’ll probably just ignore his points completely. I read it more as “Hey, let’s see if we can bring more/better value to residents by thinking out of the box when it comes to how we run our libraries”.

    I don’t want to get rid of classic or educational books, but should we be subsidizing the purchase of new, mindless YA novels? Would it be cheaper to move all new fiction to e-books? I have no idea, but it’s worth a conversation.

    And its not just about saving money, its about spending it better and being on the cutting edge of public educational programs. Chromebooks are insanely cheap (especially in bulk to non-profits) could we be the first library to offer subsidized rental/purchases of cheap chromebooks? or is someone else doing that already? Even better, we can see if its working first!

    I don’t say the following to promote my good deeds, but I’ve purchased cheap ($100) chromebooks for 3 or 4 people who I was trying to help get back on their feet. Just the ability to have easy access at home to free online training programs and the ability to job search effectively (using desktop chrome vs mobile, really is night and day, and gives them experience using a laptop) made a huge difference for them.

    I guess my point is, I was surprised to see how may “progressive” people mocked this little blurb when it was posted on facebook, when I would have expected those same people to be the first ones saying “Yeah, lets not bag the whole library, but good point on us trying to be more tech-savvy and progressive when it comes to our antiquated ideas of what a library is and does.

    We’re so programmed to get defensive over certain trigger words. If a liberal hears anything about cutting funding, or rethinking it, they stop listening to everything else said. If a Conservative likes your ideas about restructuring and refocusing a program, he/she immediately disregards all the points you made upon finding out you don’t want to fully privatize or slash funding for the program.  It’s funny, but in a sad way.  

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  • Active User Asked on November 15, 2016 in Question.

    Little America and a show at the Capitol or a comedy night at off-Broadway theatre. Fun, not too spendy. Just make sure to get the tower rooms at little America. I’m not a snob, but the garden rooms are closer to a motel than a Hotel.

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  • Active User Asked on November 15, 2016 in Question.
    1. Nicolitalia
    2. Two Jacks
    3. Blackjack
    4. Slab
    5. Pier 49
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